The “Kniemühle”

There was a time when every village had one or more mills. The grain was grown in the vicinity. Often there was also a wood stove in a bakery, where the typical Eifel breads and cakes were baked.

The increasing industrialization meant the end for small mills.

Miller Joseph promised his father’s Kniemühle on the outskirts of Densborn to operate as long as possible, but in 1962 the Kniemühle could noz sompete anymore with a large industrial mills and it came to a standstill of the mill and water wheel.

The mill was obtained. The windows were bricked up and the power transfer between the water and transmission has been decoupled. In the nineties, the old, rusty water wheel was replaced by a new stainless steel wheel.

After a detailed restoration, we grind in our mill grain today. You are welcome to explore the workflows in the mill. We offer he workshop MILLING. Get an insight into the old miller’s trade by participation.